Our Aim

In the western world, African children are learning less about their culture and distancing themselves from their roots.

A barrier preventing children from being educated on their heritage is a lack of pride for the continent and the culture gap between the British children and their African parents/grandparents.

Proud African Kids is here to bridge the knowledge gap and aims to teach the children about Africa so they can have a clear sense of who they are and inspire them to be the best they can be.

How It Works

The children will be divided according to their year in mainstream school and may come together for group activities such as performing arts. They will cover:

  • Maths 
  • English
  • African History & Languages
  • African Performing Arts

A highlight of the Saturday classes, is the long break where they can make friends with children from various African countries and eat some continental snacks.

PAK Academy is £10 per Saturday which includes, history, performing arts and maths lessons. However, parents are required to pay via a bank transfer once a term and at least 1 month before the term starts.

Get Involved

We are always open to contributions from the wider community, we are looking for professionals who specialize in the following areas, to ensure the growth and strength of our team:

  • African History Teachers
  • African Dance teachers
  • Maths Teachers
  • English Teachers

If you have any connections that may help with the above, please send offers and suggestions via our contact us section.