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  • Mauritius

    Capital: Port Louis, Population: 1,26M, Currency: Mauritian…

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  • Madagascar

    Capital: Antananarivo, Population: 24,89M, Currency: Malagasy AriaryHistoryMadagascar…

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  • Zimbabwe

    Capital: Harare, Population: 16,15M, Currency: Zimbabwean DollarHistoryZimbabwe,…

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  • South Africa

    Capital: Cape Town, Population: 55,91M, Currency: South…

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  • Nigeria

    Capital: Abuja, Population: 186M, Currency: Nigerian NairaHistoryNigeria,…

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  • Morocco

    Capital: Rabat, Population: 35,28M, Currency: Moroccan DirhamHistoryMorocco…

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  • Kenya

    Capital: Nairobi, Population: 48,46M, Currency: Kenyan XhillinHistoryKenya…

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  • Ghana

    Capital: Accra, Population: 28,21M, Currency: CediHistoryGhana is…

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  • Ethiopia

    Capital: Addis Ababa, Population: 102,4M, Currency: Ethiopian…

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  • Egypt

    Capital: Cairo, Population: 95,69M, Currency: Egyptian PoundHistoryEgypt…

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  • Congo

    Capital: Brazzaville, Population: 78,74M, Currency: Congolese FrancHistoryCongo…

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  • Angola

    Capital: Luanda, Population: 28,81M, Currency: Angolan KwanzaHistoryAngola…

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pak academy

educate / emulate / empower

The PAK Academy has been established to educate African children and those interested in African culture. We cover 4 important topics.

- Maths
- English
- African History
- Performing Arts

...and more

Where is the Academy located?
> Romford, Essex

What age groups is PAK for?
> Children from age 7 to age 12

Days & Time
> Saturdays, 10:00AM till 14:00PM

For more information or to be added to the waiting list, please contact us.

Becoming Wise



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About Us
At Proud African Kids we believe it is important to teach the younger generation about their heritage as this promotes self love.

If you have anything you would like to contribute or advertise, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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